After-Sales Services

Complete pre-sales services


Plant layout design:

       Production experts of our company will customize complete equipment layout plans according to practical situations. It can improve productivity, save space cost, and lower the process inventory.

Equipment design plan:

       Our products come to being through modularized design and variant management technology, thus we can provide different solutions to meet all kinds of needs.

Freeze-drying curve exploration and technical exchange:

       Our company’s pharmaceutical experts can provide suggestions in terms of sample trial-manufacture and parameter recommendation. Meanwhile, we have an authoritative technological exchange platform for the convenience of our joint exploration of the optimal solution plan with customers.


Professional on-purchase services

       Products of our company all conform to international rules and regulations, including GMS, CGMP, EU GMP, FDA, WHOPQ, and TGA, and ensure sterile operation products throughout their life cycle. Every project can provide real-time project feedback for every customer in the stage of launching, design, manufacturing, testing and acceptance. Ensure every set of equipment delivered to customers to strictly meet their technical requirements.


Comprehensive after-sales services

       We offer comprehensive after-sales services, including equipment onsite installation, debugging and acceptance, operation personnel training, equipment maintenance, spare parts long-term supply, vulnerable parts use data collection and remind of operation times, equipment software and hardware upgrade and transformation.